The overall emphasis of the Malino Highlands Rejuvenation Eco Resort on physical rejuvenation and spiritual wellbeing means that all of the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom villas are specifically designed for optimum comfort and nature-focused ambience. The overall concept of combining state-of-the-art health facilities and the amenities of a world-class net-zero energy resort and nature sanctuary, including comfortable villas with breathtaking views, is an innovative initiative to make sure that visitors not only receive the most effective treatments possible, but also have a pleasant environment to spend time with their families or others accompanying them during their period of care.

To accomplish the impression that the villa architecture springs organically from its surroundings, all villas are made of locally sourced materials, such as stone, wood and bamboo to reflect the natural beauty of the Malino Highlands. The idea is to provide a maximally healthy environment to enhance total physical rejuvenation.

Each villa is carefully set into the landscape with optimal attention to ensuring maximum privacy, with access over well-paved internal resort roads by horse carriage and resort shuttle. The average distance between villas are placed in such as way to not interrupt the breathtaking view of the pine forest environment in all directions from each and every villa.