Our Mini Zoo is a place where you can observe animals without interrupting their natural habitat. We endeavor to provide all of our animals with a safe environment, a healthy diet and shelter, away from predators.

Some of our animals do roam free, like the sheep you will see grazing in our gardens and on the hillside. Please be calm with our animals at all times, they might be curious and come close but they are just inspecting the new visitors to their home.

We also have species that are special and iconic to Indonesia and we aim to provide an education into how these animals live in the wild. These animals include beautiful eagles and other birds of prey, and the slow-moving and funny cuscus from Eastern Indonesia.

Our Mini Zoo accommodates several types of animals, and is a favorite place for children to visit. Children get great enjoyment seeing animals up close as these are animals they would never normally see at home. They can watch our beautiful animals, such as crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, cuscus, eagles and learn so much about each species and how they behave.

The unforgettable and beautiful memories made will last forever as you take photos of these animals. Imagine having a selfie with an eagle resting on your arm. Your social media will never be the same after you upload photos of yourself in our wildlife park, surrounded by exotic animals and birds of prey sitting on you.

To keep the animals healthy and well cared for, our zoo team is made up of veterinarians and handlers, who are in charge of providing maximum attention and care to each and every animal. We encourage all of our visitors to only interact with the animals as directed from our team, to keep both people and animals safe from harm or illnesses. Some animals are very sensitive to human touch or food, so we ask you to take direction from our expert team.

You really can’t visit Makassar without coming to Malino Highlands – it will be the highlight of your trip!