Hiking, Cycling & Horse-Riding in Malino Highlands

The environment and natural landscape encourage all visitors to explore and whether you prefer hiking at your pace, cycling or horse-riding, we can help you arrange the perfect expedition. From expert level to newcomers, our team can arrange a tour on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback, so that you can enjoy the fresh and healthy mountain air – and get those perfect holiday photos to make everyone at home wish they were with you!

For more information or to book your group tour, contact info@malinohighlands.com.

Malino Highlands is a wonderful family holiday spot, not only providing a resort and cafe, but also equipped with a light sports area that can be enjoyed by everyone –  tracks for hiking, biking and horse riding

With cool air that ranges from 12-15 degrees Celsius,  the air is also very clean because it is away from the city crowds, free from vehicle fumes and factory smoke, and a great opportunity to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and activities. The body and mind, which carry our stresses and worries, can suddenly find a place to relax and enjoy the calm of the highlands natural beauty.

Bicycles and horses are provided by Malino Highlands. Our horses are trained,  and when accompanied by a handler, are very safe for young children. This area is one of the most popular places, because when you participate in hiking, cycling and horse riding, there are also shady trees, green tea gardens and lush green grass, alongside the beautiful valleys. It is the perfect spot to stop for a rest…or a few holiday photos!

Click on an image and watch the colours of Malino Highlands come alive!