Malino Highlands is a natural tourist destination that presents a stunning panorama in a hilly area. Here, local and foreign tourists can enjoy the expanse of green tea plantations with cool air ranging from 12-15 degrees Celsius during the day. This natural tourist area is predicted to become a world landmark.

Malino Highlands is located at an altitude of 1,200 masl (above sea level), and the area of ​​Malino Highlands tea plantation is around 200 hectares. The property is about 90 kilometers from Makassar City, or approximately just under 2 hours from the center of Makassar City.

During the trip to Malino Highlands, visitors will be treated to a view of a line of pine trees that stretches out on the left and right of the road, occasionally the view of the valleys can be seen in between the pine trees. The habitat is varied and you’ll also see tropical plants growing in this region.

When driving, try to turn off the air conditioner and open the car window, then you will immediately feel the sensation of Malino’s natural ‘air conditioner’ which is very cool and clean.

Anyone will be able to easily reach Malino Highlands if they use the help of the google map application, the location of the Malino Highlands route is already listed with easy to follow directions.

Start planning your visit to Malino Highlands,  our tourist sites are open every day from 07.00 WITA to 18.00 WITA.


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