Organizational Structure

The Mitora Group of companies consist of the holding company Mitora Pte. Ltd. and 3 specialized subsidiaries, PT. Mitora Consulting, PT. Mitora New Hope and PT. Malino Highlands. The structure of Mitora Group has been carefully design so that the activities of 3 sister company complement each other for full achievement of business goals.

About Mitora Group

Mitora Pte. Ltd. is the holding company for the Mitora Group of companies that provide integrated solutions for clients interested in investing and doing business in Indonesia through expert consulting, property investment, health and eco-resort services. The Mitora Group companies’ extensive knowledge of Indonesia and its expertise in commercial management, finance, law, public relations and trade make Mitora Group the ideal gateway into business activities in the archipelago for both individuals and corporations.

To be a dynamic company valued by its shareholders, employees and clients respected by competitors and recognized by the business world as a competent, valued and trustworthy partner.

To provide the highest quality services and investment opportunities that are customized to each of our client’s individual requirements. We are committed to achieving goals that exceed our client requirements and expectations.

Mitora Pte. Ltd.
Level 28, Shinagawa Intercity Tower A
2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku
Tokyo 108-6028

Telephone: (03) 6717 4175
Facsimile: (03) 6717 4176

Message from CEO

MITORA was originally founded to specifically service the Japanese business community in Indonesia. Since then our group has grown considerably and we now visualize MITORA not only as the premiere service company in Indonesia, capable of providing professional, tailor made services to our client, but also a prime contender in the properties and land assets sector.
Over the years, we have seen many changes in the business environment in Indonesia but nevertheless we continue to be consistent in our focus to work with top-tier companies and to collaborate with world class investors.
Internally we have made changes and adjustments to adapt to the current business climate. We have expanded our properties and assets portfolio across the region while simultaneously recruiting experts in finance, taxation, internal auditing, human resources, legal compliance and security. Our current team is very strong and this reflected in the expansion of our business capacity and offering. As a group we look forward to continued collaboration with our clients and investors while maintaining the quality and excellence that they have come to expect of us.

Andreas Thanos
Founder & CEO
Mitora Group